Rob Sprackling Writer/ Director
Rob    Sprackling Writer/Director

Why I did Not Eat my Father

Why I did not Eat my Father - or 'Evolution Man' to give it its more pithy title - is an animation movie produced by the team who made the Oscar winning animation 'Beleville Rendezvous'.  In typical French style - its a bit odd, but unique, imaginative and interesting.  Based on the English novel 'Evolution Man' it's about the first ever man to descend from apes - and his on-going rivarly with his ape brother for who will end up dominating the jungle.  It's the age old sensitive, bright weakling versus the big, thick thug story - as we see Edward discovering everything from fire to society to weapons of mass destruction - as mankind travels from runt offspring to master of the universe.


The film was shot using motion capture by French actor/director Jamel Debbouze (he was in Amelie amongst other things).  It was a major release in 2015 across France and international territories, receiving a number of 5 star reviews including this one in Paris Match:


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