Rob Sprackling Writer/ Director
Rob    Sprackling Writer/Director

Rise of the Appliances

'Rise of the Appliances' is a comedy/ horror feature film which I am aiming to direct in 2016.




Machines rise up and take over the world but instead of being cool cyborgs they are household domestic gadgets like Brevilles and Dysons.  Our heroes are a family of benefit cheats from a council estate in South Wales who only survived because they had all their stuff repossessed the night before.  This inept, dysfunctional family have to band together in order to save themselves and the world.




Rise of the Appliances is a comic satire (with some scary bits - and moving bits too) about the rampant consumerism that led to the worldwide financial collapse.  We all bought tons of stuff we didn't need - and instead of connecting with each other - we connected with the TV, ipad and Playstation instead.  Machines had been killing us for years - well now they've decided to finish the job. 


Our hero Daz Thomas - lax father and hopeless benefit cheat from Newport in South Wales, has to learn responsiblity and self sacrifice if he is to save his family and the world.  All while being attacked by a Babyliss Foot Massager and a Nintendo Nunchuck.


Current status


I have an award winning short and a completed feature film script which we are currently raising finance on, with a view to shooting in Spring 2017.  We plan to have the movie finished and available by the autumn of that year.  If you'd like to know more - please get in touch.


To watch the short - click on the 'Short Film' button above.